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The Governor Francis Neighborhood Association is a non-profit community organization founded in the 1950's by Governor Francis Farm neighbors to build community. The GFNA provides and promotes programs, services, and activities aimed at encouraging connections between neighbors and fostering civic involvement in our community.

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Please assist a neighbor:

One of our neighbors 2 year old daughter lost her Minnie Mouse ears (on the headband with a red sparkly bow) on Halloween night while out Trick or Treating.  She didn't go very far, and it is thought to be on Algonquin between Pocahontas & Sweet Fern, Black Creek or Sweet Fern between Algonquin & Pocahontas.

We ask everyone in those areas to look very carefully, especially in the leaves and while collecting leaves.  If you find it, or someone already has, please contact us via and we will make the connection with the owner.

Thanks for everyones neighborly assistance.

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